00:00 (CBS Sports Radio)

01:00 Red Eye Radio

04:00 The Brian Kilmeade Show

7:00 Fat Guys at the Movies

08:00 Watchdog on Wall Street with Chris Markowski

11:00 The C & C Auto Show

13:00 The Weekend with Joe Pags

15:00 FOX Across America Weekend

18:00 Jody Mac Show (CBS Sports)

22:00 Saturday Night Huge Show (CBS Sports)


00:00 Saturday Night Huge Show (CBS Sports)

01:00 Red Eye Radio

06:00 Frontlines of Freedom (Military Talk)

07:00 Leading The Way (Weekend)

07:30 Lights of Spiritual Guidance

08:00 Radio Voice of Bethel

08:15 Selected Christian Music

08:30 Bible Answers Live

09:00 Time For Victory with Foster Covington

09:30 Valley View Baptist with Daniel Boone

10:00 Income Generation w/ David J. Scranton

11:00 Mayo Clinic Radio

12:00 FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace

13:00 The Pet Buzz Show

14:00 Jody Mac Show (CBS Sports)

18:00 The Doctor Bob Martin Show

21:00 Armed American Radio (Guns & Talk)

23:00 Sterling on Sunday

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