00:00 Sterling on Sunday (Monday)

01:00 Red Eye Radio (Monday)


00:00 (Tuesday-Friday) CBS Sports Radio

0100 Red Eye Radio (Tues-Fri)


05:00 First Light with Michael Toscano (National News)

06:10 Radio Voice of Bethel with Eddie Kendall

06:30 Bible Answers Live

07:05 Turning Point w/ Dr. David Jeremiah

07:30 Leading the Way w/ Dr. Michael Youssef

08:00 First Light with Michael Toscano (National News)

09:00 Mike Gallagher

12:00 Greater Roanoke Today with Cherrie Lyle

12:30 Dennis Prager

15:00 America First with Dr. Sebastian Gorka

17:00 Firebaugh On Finance

18:00 The Zach Gelb Show (CBS Sports)

22:00 (CBS Sports Radio)

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